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    Change the world with your creativity and break fresh ground! Get inspired by enjoying a glass of GemWater from this enchanting combination of rutilated quartz and the deep, celestial blue lapis lazuli – a symbol for spirituality in ancient Egypt about 6,000 years ago. The beautiful, golden-streaked rutile is said to energize and to improve awareness. Your brain is made up of about 75% liquid. Research has revealed that drinking water when we feel thirsty boosts our brain's performance. Feed your brainpower every day with this very special blend of GemWater.

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    The Bay Area

    Two glasses of "Inspiration Water" and I'm so inspired, blocks are broken open.

    I've been creatively blocked for a good two years and if I really admit it, even a bit longer.. And that's so not like me. I'm the ideas gal if there ever was one, people tell me that my brain is on fire (in the best way!) but I've been stuck and not creating or thinking of new things. I didn't know what I wanted, or how to get there, I didn't know how to appeal to others with my ideas. This is totally new for me and I hated it! Two glasses . . .I kid you not, two pint sized glasses of Inspiration, and suddenly the creative flood gates opened. Interestingly, over the course of that day and the following, I also found some degree of peace with some very primal inner pain (my mother died recently - it had been a verbal/emotionally abusive relationship on her part).

    I highly recommend this product. I've not yet used their other wands but with the response from Inspired the others MUST be astounding! Bring them on! Thank you friends !