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Decanter classic
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Decanter ClassicGet a VitaJuwel decanter in addition to your VitaJuwel gemstone wand for the full gemwater experience.Our elegant decanters are specially designed to hold a generous 50 oz. and complement our vials in form and size. The base of the lead-free decanters is rounded on its inside and helps prevent your vial from touching the sides of the decanter. Every decanter is individually hand-crafted by Bohemian glassblowers.

Decanter era
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Decanter eraIt’s been 10 years now since VitaJuwel founder Ewald Eisen has sketched the first gemstone vial on his drawing board. We believe that the time has come to take another step towards the future of gemwater and to start a new ERA.The challenge was to create a product that would decisively improve the daily usage of our flagship product, the VitaJuwel gemstone vial, and to revolutionize the preparation of gemwater once again. How to make a hand-crafted product fit for heavy-duty,...

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LidThe matching lid for your VitaJuwel decanter classic prevents dust from settling in your gem water.Please be aware that the lid DOES NOT fit on our oval decanter.

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Chainfor your VitaJuwel wandOur stainless steel chain ensures that your VitaJuwel wand remains securely in place inside the decanter while you pour from it. By attaching your VitaJuwel wand to the handle of the decanter with the chain, you minimize the risk of accidental glass damage . It is an essential tool to complete your gemwater kit and helps a lot to protect your precious vial, especially while being used by children or guests.

Drinking glass set
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Drinking glass set (6 pcs.)Our blossom-shaped VitaJuwel glasses are an excellent accessory to complement your VitaJuwel gemstone wand and decanter. Their sophisticated design with ist sandblasted VitaJuwel lily logo on the bottom ensures a symphonious drinking experience. Each glass holds 6.7 oz. and is dishwasher safe.

Please be aware that the depicted gemstone wand VitaJuwel Vino is sold separately and is not part of the wine decanter package.
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Wine decanterIn order to celebrate a great wine properly, we created a uniquely shaped wine decanter. Handcrafted in Europe, it is an exquisite masterpiece. Fill it with a bottle of wine, place the VitaJuwel Vino inside, wait for 7 minutes and pour yourself and your friends a glass. You‘ll be amazed!Please be aware that the gemstone wand VitaJuwel Vino is sold separately and is not part of the wine decanter package.

Case for VitaJuwel Droplet
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Case for VitaJuwel Dropletfor you VitaJuwel PhiolinoTo ensure that the VitaJuwel Phiolino is always available to real gemstone water lovers, it can be stored in an exquisite leather case. In this way, secured in a briefcase or purse, it is available at any time wherever you might be.Accessories depicted are not necessarily part of the product package.

Display for 3 VitaJuwels
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Display for 3 VitaJuwel gemstone wandsDon't leave your collection of VitaJuwel gemstone wands in the box. They love to be out in the sun and be adored by your guests. This glass display is the perfect way to showcase your precious GEMWATER JEWELRY! Please be aware that the depicted VitaJuwel gemstone wands are sold separately and are not part of the display.