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    Maybe in the metro on your way to work or hiking untouched trails up in the mountains you might have thought while carrying your ViA: “Hey, wouldn’t it be great to have a handle on my ViA?” Well, we did. And although we always felt that a simple, pre-attached carry strap would diminish the puristic design and elegance of our ViA bottle, we knew that holding a bottle on a loop is just so much more comfortable. That’s why we created ViA LOOP.

    Every ViA LOOP consists of two silicone pieces: One to cover the top lid and one for the bottom lid of your ViA bottle. Simply pull each piece over each lid and make sure that it fully lips over the outer edge of the lid. Press on each piece to squeeze the air out. ViA LOOP is the perfect solution to safely carry your precious ViA bottle in style.
    By the way: For those hiking trips, a carabiner does a great job fixing your bottle to your backpack!

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